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Vadder Performance Engineering is proud to present a solution for the true street 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V. This tank achieves great results without ever using ice or draining it. It's capacity is 2.5 gallons and it is baffled into 9 separate chambers flowing in sequence. The baffling greatly reduces fluid intermixing and it allows the system to keep pumping cold fluid to the supercharger for longer periods of time than conventional large capacity expansion tanks. During testing this tank showed consistent temperature swing of only 22F during a 1/4 pass in a car running 16PSI boost. On the average the IAT2 through the pull went up to 135F with starting IAT2 over 110-113F in 75F weather. Results were achieved using the Destroyer Dual Core HX system, Stewart EMP WP32 and a standard GM supercharger lid. This tank does not require relocation of anything on the car, completely plug and play. Uses existing hardware already on the vehicle. This tank is meant to be a true "Set it and Forget it" setup- simply fill it with the coolant needed for your climate conditions, add Redline Water Wetter or Royal Purple Blue Ice additives and enjoy your car! The Vadder Intercooler Expansion tank is 100% invisible once installed, even the fill hose and cap are covered by the large engine bay cover by the fuse box. 100% self-purging system, this tank will bleed the entire intercooler system in less than 20 seconds! 

Vadder Intercooler Expansion Tank BLACK

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