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***Attention: These HX systems are assembled to order, usually on weekends. Please allow 5-7 business days for order processing, thank you.***

VADDER Performance Engineering is proud to present the GEN4 Destroyer Dual Core Heat Exchanger system. The redesigned ultra-lightweight tube-and-fin cores have proven to have increased efficiency. The Destroyer Dual Core Heat Exchanger kit is the largest frontal area kit offered for the 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V. The combined frontal area is 420 square inches. The cores measure 30x6.5x2(upper) and 30x7.5x2(lower). This is the only complete kit on the market to include all needed brackets and hardware, with the option to include pre-assembled hoses and fittings. All connections (except filler neck and intercooler pump) are done using anodized -12AN fittings and SS+nylon braided hose. All brackets are made from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum. The cores are powdercoated using a proprietary heat dispersant coating in either flat black or flat chrome color. A full color, 34 page .pdf installation file is available in the DOWNLOADS section of the site. These systems can be used with CTS-V and ZL1 supercharger lids, both lids either converted to 12AN fittings or factory barbs. Systems are also configurable for underhood ice boxes and the VADDER intercooler expansion tank. For trunk-mounted tanks select "none" on the underhood ice box option and connect your trunk tank hoses to our system via barbed hose connectors.  A minimum of 10% Dexcool content is recommended, together with 6oz of Redline Water Wetter additive.

- Explanation of the available options: - ZL1 or CTS-V lid will basically determine the lid hoses length setup, depending on the supercharger lid being used in your setup. - Setup for 12AN underhood ice box will add 12AN fittings to the system, for underhood boxes with 12AN fittings. If you have an ice box with barbed connections, choose NO on this option. The hose lengths for the ice box setup and the regular filler neck setup are the same so this option will only influence the addition of the two fittings. - Setup for the VADDER 2 gallon expansion tank is the option for using our front mounted 2.5 gallon baffled tank. The expansion tank deletes the recovery tank. -Setup for trunk tank with deleted front pump. Hoses end where the stock filler neck is, to connect to your trunk hoses via male-to-male barb fittings and hose clamps (not included). -Setup for recovery tank uses the stock filler neck, you will need the recovery tank. Recovery tank and 2 gallon expansion tank are mutually exclusive. - Supercharger lid fittings included- this option adds 12AN fittings to the hoses going to your supercharger lid manifold, for lid manifold converted to 12AN fittings. If you have a lid with stock barbed manifold, choose NO on this option. Lid manifold is not included in any VADDER kit.

GEN4 Destroyer Dual Core Heat Exchanger Kit Silver (CTS-V)

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